Digital Multimeter - DISCONTINUED DM384

Product Functions

  • Backlit Display
  • 750 Volts AC and 1000 Volts DC
  • 10 Amps AC and DC
  • .01 µA DC resolution for flame safeguard circuit testing
  • Frequency to 40 Megahertz
  • Capacitance to 40,000 Microfarad
  • Resistance to 40 Megaohms
  • Analog bar graph
  • Continuity
  • Diode check function
  • MIN/MAX captures and data hold
  • CE and UL listed 600V CAT III
  • 5 Year limited warranty

Product Includes

  • Test leads (ATL55)
  • Alligator Clips
  • Battery (9V)
  • Fuses (AF155, AF160)

Additional Resources

Optional Accessories

Descripiton Product ID
Alligator ClipsAAC
Screw-On Alligator ClipsAAC3
Gas Valve ThermocoupleATHA1
Deluxe Test Lead KitATL301KIT
Test LeadsATL55
Test Leads - Microwave Diode BoosterATL60
Clamp-On Adapter for DMMsCA30 - discontinued
Milliamp Clamp-On Adapter for DMMsCA30MA
Capacitance Adapter for DMMsCPA1
Micro Amp Adapter for DMMsDLMAT2

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