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AC 400A True RMS Clamp Meter DL469
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Product Functions

  • True RMS
  • 400A AC
  • 750V AC/600V DC
  • Resistance 40MΩ
  • DC microamps 2000µA
  • Diode test
  • Non-contact voltage detection
  • Audible continuity
  • WARNING: Cancer –

Product Includes

  • Test leads, w/alligator clips CATIV 600V/CATIII 1000V
  • Zippered pouch
  • Batteries 2 (AAA)
  • Manual

Additional Resources

Optional Accessories

Descripiton Product ID
Deluxe Test Lead KitATL301KIT
Modular Test Lead Tip - StandardATL1
Modular Test Lead Tip - AlligatorATL2
Modular Test Lead Tip - Grabber TipATL3
Modular Test Lead Tip - Remote Alligator TipATL4
Modular Test Lead Tip - Back ProbeATL5
Modular Test Lead Tip - PiercingATL6
Modular Test Lead Extension WireATLTX
Modular Test Lead Tip - Fused Probe TipsATLFT
K-Type Temperature ProbeATT29A
K-Type Surface Temperature ProbeATT36
K-Type Surface Temperature Probe w/ 90˚ angleATT37
K-Type Liquid Temperature ProbeATT100
K-Type Pipe Clamp AdapterATTPC
K-Type Pipe Clamp AdapterATTPC2
K-Type Pipe Clamp Probe (grip style)ATTPC3

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