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Super Heat / Sub Cool Meter- DISCONTINUED SSM1

Product Functions

  • Measures:

Pressure from 0~500 psi
Temperature from -40~400°F

  • Calculates:

Superheat for low side
Subcool for high side (TXV systems)

  • Refrigerants included for calculations


  • 3 Year limited warranty

Product Includes

  • SSM1
  • ATTPC2 – Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe
  • Battery (9V)
  • “T” fitting allows refrigerant to be added or removed with the SSM1 connected

Additional Resources

Optional Accessories

Descripiton Product ID
K-Type Pipe Clamp AdapterATTPC
K-Type Pipe Clamp AdapterATTPC

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Product FAQs

Will my SSM1 only read positive pressure?
Yes, the SSM1 is designed to read refrigernt system pressures above 0 PSI. Refrigerant pressures on both the suction and liquid side of a system are above 0 PSI. It will read temperature as low as -40F.