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Refrigerant Leak Detector RLD15B
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Product Functions

  • Detects industry standard refrigerants including, but not limited to: HFC, HCFC, CFC (R-134A, R-410A sensitivity ≥ 0.05 oz/yr)
  • Hydrocarbon Blends: HC-12a®, OZ-12a®
  • WARNING: Cancer –

Product Includes

  • Sensors filters 5 (RLDTF)
  • Leak test vial (RLDLS)
  • Batteries 4 (AA)
  • Hard carrying case
  • Manual

Additional Resources

Optional Accessories

Descripiton Product ID
Refrigerant SensorRLD15SENS
Leak test VialRLDLS
Particle FilterRLDTF

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Product FAQs

Why won't my RLD15 come out of the warm-up mode?
Please verify sensor is properly seated, and that the filter is installed correct. If that does not correct the issue please contact UEi to arrange for repair. Call 1-800-547-5740 or fill out our service request form.