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Cable Length Meter CLM100

Product Functions

  • Measures copper and aluminum cables; covers the major wire gauges
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Reads in feet and meters
  • Milliohm measurement capability
  • Measures 15 to 30,000’
  • Wire size: 26 ga – 4/0 ga
  • 250 MCM – 500 MCM
  • Resistance 65Ω
  • Auto off
  • Two easy-to-attach Kelvin Clip leads connect to cable
  • 5 Year limited warranty
  • WARNING: Cancer –

Product Includes

  • Test Leads (ATL190)
  • Calibration Bar (15154)
  • Hard Carrying Case (AC504)
  • Battery (9V)

Additional Resources

Optional Accessories

Descripiton Product ID
Test LeadsATL190

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Product FAQs

Can I use this to test from a single end of the wire?
You must be able to access both ends of a single wire. If you have multiple wires of the same gauge you can bond the far end, measure from one end of both wires and divide your result in two.
How do I use the CLM100 with odd wire gauges?
Please download the instructions for odd wire gauges and the CLM100.
Can I use the CLM100 on Cat V computer cable?
It is not recommended for this type of wire. Cat V cable is either 24 or 26 gauge, and will report a slightly longer length due to the twists. The CLM100 must connect to both ends of the wire being tested, and measures resistance down to milliohms. If you know the gauge of the twisted pair you may be able to use on this wire. Connect to the same wire color on each end after selecting the correct gauge. The physical length may be slightly less than measured due to the twists in the wire.