DT301 / DT302 / DT304

How do I manually install the driver for the Apollo Thermometer?
"Connect your thermometer to the USB port and power on the thermometer. Open Device Manager Search for a device listed as Unknown or showing a yellow exclamation. Right click on the device and choose 'Update Driver' Select advanced and then specifiy the location. Browse to the CD or downloaded files Select the \\Windows\INF folder on the CD Click ""NEXT"" This should install the driver.
At the end click ""Finish"" and then disconnect and reconnect the thermometer."
Can I send in my Apollo thermometer for repair? The readings appear to be incorrect.
Yes, please contact our customer service department. Call 1-800-547-5740 or fill out our service request form.
Will the ATT19 probe work with my Apollo thermometer?
Yes. All of the Apollo series thermometers work with K,J,E and T type thermocouples. Please verify you have selected the proper thermocouple type. ATT19 is a J-type thermocouple.
My meter no longer functions properly after the batteries had gone low. Can I reset this, or send in for repair?
Please contact UEi for repair. Call 1-800-547-5740 or fill out our service request form.
How do I download data from my thermometer? It shows not initialized or connected.
It is important to install the software and driver first. Then when connecting the thermometer to your computer, verify that the "USB" icon shows on the thermometer screen before launching the program. If USB does not show on the thermometer screen, disconnect and reconnect the cable. If you are still not able to see the "USB" icon leave the thermometer connected and open your system's device manager and look for yellow exclamation or errors by any device. If you need to manually install the driver see above FAQ.