EM151 / EM201

Does my EM151 or EM201 meter read pressure in inches water column?
Yes, the EM151 and EM201 display In WG. This abbreviation is inches water gauge, and is the same as inches H2O, or inches water column.
Can I order replacement tubing for these meters?
Please contact our service department for parts. Call 1-800-547-5740 or email us here.
Where can I get a replacement user guide for my EM151?
See the product page or download the manual here.
Is my EM201 as accurate as the EM100A?
Yes, the EM201 is more accurate, has better resolution and a back-lit display.
What is my meter showing you when you use both inputs?
The EM201 is a true differential manometer. When using both inputs the actual difference between the ports is displayed. Use the "+" port for the input that is expected to be higher. This will give you a result with the correct polarity. As an example on a return and supply measurement, the supply will be higher from the pressure of the blower while the return will be lower as it draws air into the blower. If the return is -0.5" water column, and the supply is +1.5" water column, when both ports are connected it will read a total difference between the two of +2.0" water column.
Can I use the EM201 with only one input?
Yes, if you only need one input leave the "-" port vented to atmosphere. This will give you a single input measurement. By using the "+" port to test, positive pressures will be positive, and negative or draft will display as negative.