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Temperature Probe, K-Type Fiberglass Coated

The UEi ATT29 is a K-Type temperature probe designed for measuring temperatures in operational units, boilers, and more.

The ATT29 features a 3.8 ft. fiberglass coated braided wire with a mini K-type connector plug that is compatible with the following UEi products:

Current Products

C161, C163, C165+, DL379B, DL389B, DL579, DL589, DL599, DT302, DT304, DT720, INF195C

Retired Products

ACM6000, ADM3201, C85, C100, C127, C155, C162, C164, C165, C255, C257, CO91, DL297T, DL429B, DL489, DM391, DM393, DT0150, DT150, DT221, DT222, DT301, DTK2, INF185, INF195, INF215, INF225

ATT29 is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.