About us

Proudly family-owned and operated since 1954

In 1954, Douglas and Betty Kane started the Kane Group in London, UK. From modest beginnings, a global business has developed. In 1992 UEi Test Instruments joined the Kane Group. We design, manufacture, market, service and support portable test equipment that every day enables thousands of professionals to do their jobs around the world.

Our products save lives, reduce business costs and protect the environment.

We have 2 primary manufacturing hubs - Kane International in the UK and UEi (Asia). In the US and Canada, our products are sold under the UEi brand and under multiple private labels. We employ over 200 people in 8 countries on 3 continents with 4 manufacturing facilities and centers providing local staff, stock, and service.

Our recertification centers in USA and Canada are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited facilities and can provide NIST certification services. If you would like to view the Certificate of Accreditation for our USA lab, you may do so here. Our recertification teams are factory certified and proud to provide industry-leading turnaround support and only uses EPA protocol test gases. UEi backs these products with industry-leading warranties, professional service technicians, in-store training, knowledgeable technical phone support, and prompt recertification.

UEi remains a family-owned, family-managed business - just like so many of our customers’ businesses