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K-Type Extension Wire 10 Ft

The UEi ATTEXT is a 10.3 ft. extension wire designed for use with either mini K-type or mini J-type probes.

The ATTEXT features a male and female mini plug on each end and is compatible with the following UEi products:

Current Products

C161, C163, C165+, DL379B, DL389B, DL579, DL589, DL599, DT302, DT304, DT720, INF195C

Retired Products

ACM6000, ADM3201, C85, C100, C127, C155, C162, C164, C165, C255, C257, CO91, DL297T, DL429B, DL489, DM391, DM393, DT0150, DT150, DT221, DT222, DT301, DTK2, INF185, INF195, INF215, INF225

ATTEXT is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.