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Smart Temperature Split Kit
The HUB2 allows you to wirelessly monitor temperature and relative humidity via the WHP1 probes and free UEi HUB App. This easy-to-use App and robustly designed set of probes make an excellent addition to any technician's toolbox. The HUB2 is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.

Low Battery Warning Yes
Temperature Differential Yes
Wireless Output Yes
Free App Available iOS® & Android™
High Altitude Compensation In App
Selectable Units Yes
In-App Temperature Split Kit and Psychrometric Calculations Yes
180 Degree Swivel for Easy Operation in Cramped Work Spaces Yes
Magnetic Mount Yes
Warranty 1-Year limited
Requires Compatible Smart Device

Hygrometer - Temp Range 140˚F
Relative Humidity Yes
Enthalpy Yes
Dry Bulb Yes
Wet Bulb Yes
Differential Temperature Yes

CE Conformity Yes
FCC/IC Compliant Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Spa) Yes
Manual (Frn) Yes
Batteries AAA (2)
Pouch/Case Yes
Wireless Hygrometer Probe WHP1 (2)

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Video 2
Optional - Replacement Accessories