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Oil Burner & Boiler Install Kit
Oil Burner and Boiler Install Kit Includes DL579, CD100A, EM720SPKIT, PDT655, C161OIL

This Kit provides the recommended test instruments required by Oil Burner & Boiler start up manuals for proper installation and maintenance. Most equipment warranties require initial install readings to be documented upon installation.

522KIT is packed in this UEi Tool Backpack. Built rugged, waterproof base, two compartments with inner pocket options and includes D-clip.

This equipment helps confirm:

Manufacturer requirements to maintain warranty

Combustion analysis for fuel efficiency

Heat exchanger integrity

Smoke level in the flue gases

CFM via external static pressure test

Gas flow pressure

System is safe from gas leaks

Proper high voltage to power supply and ground

Low voltage meets wiring diagram requirement

Up to 10-Year warranty with annual recertification Yes
Eligible for UEi Service+ Yes
2 Types of sensor protection Yes
NOx filtered Yes
Low flow detection Yes
Hold Yes
Min/Max Yes
Auto power off Yes
Display count 6000
Backlight Yes
Dual display Yes
Temperature inputs K-Type
Temperature differential Yes
Wireless output Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Dual pressure input Yes
Differential pressure Yes
Preprogrammed fuels 8
Start time 30 sec.
High altitude compensation Yes
Memory positions 45
Zero Yes
Selectable units Yes
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty Various
Recording/Data logging Yes
Hi-Resolution accuracy Yes
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes
Automatic fresh air purge Yes
Number of display parameters 6
IR printer link Yes

AC volts 750V AC
DC volts 1000V DC
AC current (amps) 600A AC
AC micro current (amps) 2000µA
DC micro current (amps) 2000µA
DC micro volts 600mV
AC micro volts 600mV
Resistance (Ohms) 60 MΩ
Capacitance (Farads) 6000µF
Frequency (Hertz) 99.99kHz
Duty cycle (%) 1.0 to 99.0%
Temperature -328˚ to 2462˚F
Continuity Yes
Diode Yes
NCV detection Yes
CO 2000ppm
CO2 20%
O2 21%
Flue temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Inlet temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Heat exchanger test Yes
Pressure ±60 InH2O
Differential temperature Yes
Detects Combustible Gas
K-type temperature range -40˚ to 950˚F (-40˚ to 510˚C)
Detection sensitivity < 50ppm methane
LRA Inrush Yes
Low Z Yes

Ingress Protection IP42
ETL listed cETLus
IEC 61010 61010-1: 2012
CE Conformity Yes
CAT Rating CATIV 300V / CATIII 600V
RoHS Yes
FCC/IC compliant FCC
REACH compliant Yes
AHRI 1260 standard Yes
Certification The C161 is independently tested and certified to EN 50379, Parts 1-3 in accordance to 1st German Federal Emission Control Ordinance (BlmSchV)
EMC EN50270:2015
Safety EN61010-1:2010

Combustion Analyzer C161OIL
Meter DL579
Manometer EM720SPKIT
Leak Detector CD100A
Thermometer PDT655
Batteries AAA (2), 9V, CR2032, Rechargeable AA (3)
Smoke Pump test kit SPT1
Tool backpack AC550