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Indoor Air Quality Meter CO, CO2, Temp, RH%
The AQM4 is capable of taking four measurements in one instrument; carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and relative humidity. Use calculated 8 hour Time Weighted Average (TWA) and 15 minute short term exposure limits (STEL) of CO2 for compliance testing and CO measurements for safety testing. Record, recall or download all readings to personal computer for later analysis or record keeping. The AQM4 is backed by a 2-Year limited warranty. 

Hold Yes
Min/Max Yes
Auto Power Off Yes
Low Battery Warning Yes
Backlight Yes
Dual Display Yes
Memory positions 8099
Preset Alarms Yes
Selectable Units Yes
Warranty 2-Year limited
CO Alarm Yes
Recording/Data Logging Yes
PC Connection Yes

Temperature 140˚F
CO 1000ppm
CO2 5000ppm
Relative Humidity 99.90%
Dry Bulb 140˚F
Wet Bulb 140˚F

CE Conformity Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Frn) Yes
Batteries AA (4)
Pouch/Case Yes
Software Yes
AC Adapter Yes
USB Cable Yes
Calibration Reference Salts for Relative Humidity % Yes