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Test Leads for CLM100 Cable Length Meter

The UEi ATL190 is a specialized set of test leads designed for our CLM100 Cable Length Meter. The lead set features dual cables with straight connections, silicone insulation, alligator clips, and an overall length of 48.5 in.

These leads are safety rated at CAT III 1000V 10A.

This test lead set is designed to measure copper and aluminum cables up to 30,000 feet in length. The alligator clip jaws can open up to 20mm.

The ATL190 uses 4mm input jacks and is compatible with the following UEi products:

Current Products

ATL190 is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.

Warranty 1-Year limited
Copper or Aluminum Wires Yes

Cable Measure Length 30,000 ft.

CAT Rating CAT III 1000V 10A