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Digital In-Duct Mini Vane Anemometer
The DAFM4 is the tool for all your air flow measurement needs. With the DAFM4 you can directly capture air temperature, relative humidity and air velocity. It also calculates wet bulb temperature, dew point temperature and air volume. Enter duct dimensions for live or timed average of air flow in CFM (or CMM), or use the effective area of a grill for outlet volume measurements. Air volume is displayed in real-time, or choose a timed average with start/ stop capabilities to traverse ductwork.

Hold Yes
Min/Max Yes
Auto power off Yes
Low battery warning Yes
Selectable units Yes
Warranty 1-Year Limited
Average Yes
Air Vane Probe Yes
In-duct Air Vane Probe Yes
Selectable scales 2

Temperature 140˚F
Relative Humidity 99.90%
Wet Bulb 158˚F
Dew Point 158˚F
Air Velocity 3937 ft/min
Air Volume 99999 CFM

CE Conformity Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Spa) Yes
Manual (Frn) Yes
Batteries 9V
Pouch/Cases Yes
Air vane Yes