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Flue Gas Analyzer with options for up to 7 gas measurements

KANE958 analyzers offer several options to custom equipped it to your individual needs. Due to the customization, you can order this analyzer using the following step-by-step guide. Sensors are installed at our ISO certified lab in Indianapolis, IN.

KANE958 Base Features

  • Up to 10 Year warranty with annual recertification
  • Eligible for UEi Service+
  • LINK capability to wireless probes
  • 6 line back lit display
  • Over range protection pump
  • NOx filtered & H2 compensated CO sensor
  • Low flow detection
  • Measures:
          CO, CO2, Differential pressure, Flue and Inlet temperature
  • Calculates:
          Differential temperature, Efficiency (Nett, Gross), Excess air
  • Protective water trap
  • Protective boot with built-in magnet

Up to 10-Year warranty with annual recertification Yes
Eligible for UEi Service+ Yes
Link to Wireless probes Yes
Low battery warning Yes
Backlight Yes
Wireless output Yes
Free App available Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Dual pressure input Yes
Differential pressure Yse
Preprogrammed fuels 8
Memory positions 45
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty Up to 10-Year warranty with annual recertification
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes
Number of display parameters 6-Line
IR printer link Yes

CO H2 compensated up 10,000ppm (optional 100,000ppm)
CO2 Calculated
O2 Measured 0 to 25%
NOx Optional 0 to 5000ppm
Flue temperature 0˚ to 1112˚F
Inlet temperature 0˚ to 1112˚F
Pressure Yes
Differential temperature Yes

CE Conformity Yes
RoHS Yes
REACH compliant Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes (202212)
Batteries Rechargeable 3 (AA)
Pouch/Cases AC550 (Backpack)
Flue probe CP2T
USB cable AACA5
Inlet tube/probe connector SM11103 (2), SM11105 (2)
Particle filter 17631
Pressure tubing Yes