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Refrigerant Leak Detector w/ Gooseneck
The RLD10 makes pinpointing leaks as easy as one two! Detect leaking refrigerant using the high sensitivity mode then switch to the low sensitivity mode to pinpoint its source. If background noise makes the audible tic hard to hear, you can count on the color scaled LED indicators. With the RLD10 you'll get the latest in refrigerant detection at a great price. The RLD10 is backed by a 2-Year limited warranty.

Protective Boot/Overmolding Yes
Warranty 2-Year limited
Gooseneck 17 inch
Digital Numeric Leak Indicator Yes
Audible and Visual Alerts Yes

Detects Refrigerant
Senses HFC, CFC, and HCFC Refrigerants and Blends Yes
Detection Sensitivity .05 oz/year

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Spa) Yes
Batteries 9V
Optional - Replacement Accessories