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Cable Length Meter
The CLM100 Digital Cable Length Meter is an excellent tool to measure spooled cable/ wire. This best seller is built solid and supplied with a ruggedized boot for reliable field performance. Currently being utilized by major utility companies, electrical contractors, wholesalers, and installers where quick and accurate inventory management or measurements are needed for job accountability. Simply attach the Kelvin Clips to both ends of the cable and adjust the indicator to the size wire being measured. A temperature compensation circuit ensures accuracy by compensating for the temperature of the wire.

Auto power off Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Selectable units Yes
Warranty 5-Year limited
Copper or aluminum wires Yes
Temperature compensation Yes

Cable Measure Length 25 to 30,000 feet
Wire sizes 26ga to 4/0ga
MCM 250MCM to 500MCM
Milliohms Yes
Insulation resistance Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Spa) Yes
Manual (Frn) Yes
Test Leads Yes
Batteries 9V
Pouch/Cases Yes
Calibration bar Yes