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Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer w/ NOx Sensor

Backed by UEi Service+ to give up to 10 years’ warranty, next day recertification, and a reduced cost of ownership. The C165+N Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer is easy to use with a rugged design, multiple sensor protections, altitude compensation and differential pressure. Prints to optional printer and wireless App. The new LINK feature connects the included wireless pipe clamp temperature probes and other optional probes to the C165+N. Essential information for installing and maintaining gas appliances.

Up to 10-Year warranty with annual recertification Yes
Eligible for UEi Service+ Yes
3 Types of sensor protection Yes
NOx filtered Yes
Low flow detection Yes
Over Range protection pump Yes
Link to Wireless probes Yes
Backlight Yes
Temperature inputs K-Type
Temperature differential Yes
Wireless output Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Dual pressure input Yes
Differential pressure Yes
Preprogrammed fuels 8
Start time 30 second
High altitude compensation Yes
Memory positions 45
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty 10-Year limited
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes
Automatic fresh air purge Yes
IR printer link Yes
Protective water trap Yes

CO 10,000ppm (H2 Compensated)
CO2 20%
O2 21%
NOx 100ppm
Flue temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Inlet temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Heat exchanger test Yes
Pressure Yes
Differential temperature Yes
K-type temperature range -40˚ to 950˚F (-40˚ to 510˚C)

CE Conformity Yes
RoHS EC62321-2:2013, IEC62321-1:2013, IEC62321-3-1:2013, IEC62321-5:2013, IEC62321-4:2013, IEC62321-7-2:2017, IEC62321-7-1:2015, IEC62321-6:2015
REACH compliant Yes
AHRI 1260 standard Yes
Certification The C165+ is independently tested and certified to EN 50379, Parts 1-3 in accordance to 1st German Federal Emission Control Ordinance (BlmSchV)
EMC EN50270:2015
Safety EN61010-1:2010

Quick start guide Yes
Batteries Rechargeable 3 (AA)
Pouch/Cases AC509
Flue probe CP2
USB cable AACA5
K-Type thermocouples ATT29 (2)
11000 tubing Yes
Filter 17631
Wireless Pipe Clamp probes WPC2 (2)
Optional - Replacement Accessories
Water Trap for C160 series analyzers