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Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer Kit w/ NOx Sensor/Printer
The C165+ Commercial Combustion Analyzer equips HVAC/R professionals to install and maintain furnaces and boilers to optimize efficiency and reduce fuel costs.

The C165+ combustion analyzer is eligible for UEi Service+, which offers transparent recertification pricing, warranty extensions up to 6 years from the date of purchase, 24-hour turnaround, and free UPS Ground shipping to and from our ISO certified Indianapolis service center.

The C165+ has an installed Nitric Oxide (NO) sensor. C165+ enables a LINK feature to connect to wireless probes. The LINK feature connects to the 2 wireless temperature pipe clamps (WPC2), which can be used to compare flow and return temperatures on a boiler. C165+ LINK also connects the optional DTHA2 (sold separately) to measure air flow. Contractors can use the Room CO test to take snap shots of ambient CO readings to view trending CO levels. C165+ has four levels of sensor protection; an H2 compensated 10,000 ppm CO sensor, CO over-range purge pump, a NOx filtered CO sensor, and Low Flow Detection to protect the CO sensor. It offers differential pressure and has wireless capabilities to a Printer App for compatible iOS and Android devices. It also has sensor technology that reduces the cost of ownership. It features a Heat Exchanger test to check the exchanger integrity and differential temperature. The C165+ comes with High Altitude compensation to maintain accurate readings, an auto-purge shut off, and 8 Pre-programmed fuels including Natural Gas and Propane.

The C165+ has a 6-Line display to view readings on one screen, which is a favorite among technicians. The DMM style dial makes it easy to select the test needed. It also features a water trap to protect the sensor with a check light to remind to look for condensate built-up, a magnetic boot for hands-free operations, and an IR printer port to print to the IR thermal printer, making it easy to document test results for later analysis.

Up to 6 Year warranty with annual recertification Yes
Eligible for UEi Service+ Yes
3 Types of Sensor Protection Yes
NOx Filtered Yes
Low Flow Detection Yes
Over Range Protection Pump Yes
Link to Wireless Probes Yes
Backlight Yes
Temperature Inputs K-Type
Temp differential Yes
Wireless output Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Dual Presssure Input Yes
Differential pressure Yes
Preprogrammed Fuels 8
Start time 30 second
High altitude compensation Yes
Memory Positions 30
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty 1-Year limited
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes
Automatic fresh air purge Yes
On board plain paper printer Yes
Number of display parameters 6 line
IR printer link Yes
Protective Water Trap Yes

CO 10,000ppm (H2 Compensated)
CO2 20%
O2 21%
NOx 100ppm
Flue temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Inlet temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Heat exchanger test Yes
Pressure Yes
Differential Temperature Yes
K-type Temperature Range -40˚ to 950˚F (-40˚ to 510˚C)

CE Conformity Yes
RoHS Yes
REACH Compliant Yes
AHRI 1260 Standard AHR! 1246 Standard

Quick Start Guide Yes
Batteries Rechargeable 3 (AA)
Pouch/Cases AC509
Infrared printer IRP-2
Flue probe CP2
Printer paper roll 16646
USB cable Yes
Charger AACA5
Water trap Yes
Wireless Pipe Clamp Probes WPC2 (2)