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600A TRMS Clamp Meter w/ DC Amps, Inrush, Magnet
600A TRMS Clamp Meter w/ DC Amps, Inrush, Magnet, ATTPC4 (2)

Hold Yes
Min/Max Yes
Ranging Auto/Manual
Auto power off Yes
Display count 6000
Low battery warning Yes
Backlight Yes
Dual display Yes
Worklight Yes
Temperature Inputs K-Type
Temp differential Yes
DC Zero Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty 2 Year limited
Audible and visual alerts Yes
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes

AC Volts 750VAC
DC Volts 1000VDC
AC current (amps) 600A AC
DC current (amps) 600A DC
AC micro current (amps) 2000µA
DC micro current (amps) 2000µA
Resistance (Ohms) 60MOhms
Capacitance (Farads) 6000µF
Frequency (Hertz) 99.99kHz
Duty cycle 1.0 yo 99.0%
Temperature -328˚ to 2462˚F
Continuity Yes
Diode Yes
NCV Detection Yes
Differential Temperature Yes
K-type Temperature Range -328˚ to 2462˚F
LRA Inrush Yes
Low Z Yes

UL Listed UL 610101-1: 2012
ETL listed cETLus
CAT Rating CATIV 600V

Manual (Eng) Yes
Test Leads Silicone ATL58
Alligator clips AAC3
Back Probes APB3 (2)
Batteries 4 (AAA)
Pouch/Cases Zippered
Temp Probe 2 (ATT29)
Pipe Clamp Probe 2 (ATTPC4)
K-Type thermocouples Yes