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True RMS Multimeter w/ Temperature and Capacitance
The DM393 is one of our safest Industrial Duty meters ever made. All inputs, ranges and functions protected to CATIII 1000 Volts. Perfect for HVAC and electrical technicians whose applications require higher accuracy measurements and True RMS precision. Built-in temperature means one less instrument to bring to the job. The DM393 has convenient access to battery and fuses without breaking calibration seals

Hold Yes
Ranging Auto/Manual
Auto power off Yes
Display count 4000
Low battery warning Yes
Backlight Yes
Relative Mode Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Kick stand Yes
Warranty 5-Year limited

AC Volts 1000V
DC Volts 1000V
AC current (amps) 10A
DC current (amps) 10A
Resistance (Ohms) 10MHz
Capacitance (Farads) 100µF
Temperature -40˚to 2372˚F
Continuity Yes
Diode Yes

UL Listed cULus
CAT Rating CATIII 1000V
RoHS Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Test Leads Yes
Alligator clips Yes
Batteries 9V
Temp Probe Yes
K-type/Input Jack adapter Yes
Fuse Yes