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Test Lead Kit

The UEi ATL301KIT offers a collection of modular test probes and leads in one convenient package. Included are a pair of straight to right angle test leads (ATLTX), a pair of fine point test probes (ATL1), a pair of large jaw alligator clips (ATL2), a pair of remote grabber clips (ATL3), and a carrying pouch (AC12).

Safety ratings:

ATLTX – CAT III 1000V 10A, ATL1 – CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V 10A, ATL2 – CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V 10A, ATL3 - CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V 5A

The modular test lead set features a straight to right-angle connection, standard insulation, and an overall length of 40 in. 

The ATLTX uses 4mm input jacks with extra-long shrouds. The lead ends are straight and right-angle shrouded male banana clips with a shroud length of 21mm. They work with the following UEi products:

Current Products
DL369, DL379B, DL389B, DL569, DL579, DL589, DL599, DM505, DM515, DM525, IRT803, IRT807

Retired Products
DL389, DL419, DL429B, DL469, DL479, DL489, DM300, DM300A, DM310, DM383, DM383B, DM384, DM391, DM393, DM400, DM410, DM420, DM520, DM600, IRT3, UTL261, UTL291, UTL33T, UTLDM1, UTLDM2

The ATL301KIT is also available as:

ATLTX: Modular Test Lead Set

ATLBPK: Modular Test Lead Set and Back Probe Lead Set

ATL301KIT is backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.

Warranty 1-Year limited

UL Listed Conforms to UL 61010-031

Pouch/Case AC12
Modular Test Lead Set (ATLTX) Yes
Modular Test Lead Tips - Fine Point Probes (ATL1) Yes
Modular Test Lead Tips - Alligator Clips (ATL2) Yes
Modular Test Lead Tips - Remote Grabber Cips (ATL3) Yes
Optional - Replacement Accessories