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Dual Display Clamp Meter
The PHOENIX Clamp meter series starts with the DL369, the perfect meter for contractors who need basic features without all the extras. Great for general troubleshooting and electrical maintenance, this isn't just a stripped down model, the PRIME is a fully functional tough meter made to get the job done.

Hold Yes
Min/Max Yes
Ranging Auto/Man
Auto power off Yes
Display count 4000
Low battery warning Yes
Dual display Yes
Warranty 3-Year limited

AC Volts 750V
DC Volts 1000V
AC current (amps) 400A
AC micro current (amps) 2000µA
DC micro current (amps) 2000µA
Resistance (Ohms) 40MΩ
Capacitance (Farads) 4000µF
Frequency (Hertz) 99.99Hz - 99.99kHz
Duty cycle Yes
Continuity Yes
Diode Yes
NCV Detection Yes

UL Listed cULus
IEC 61010 2nd ediition
CAT Rating CATIII 600V/ CATII 10000V

Manual (Eng) Yes
Test Leads ATL55
Batteries AAA (2)
Pouch/Cases AC519