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The C165 Combustion Analyzer with EOS Technology and High Altitude Compensation eliminates the number one hassle expirenced by HVAC contractors, the cost and down time of replacing the O2 sensor. The EOS technology for combustion analysis replaces the everyday eletro-chemical O2 sensor with the EOS technology CO2 sensor lowering the cost of ownership and includes High Altitude Compensation

Backlight Yes
Worklight Yes
Temperature Inputs K-type
Temp differential Yes
Protective boot or overmolding Yes
Sensor Technology EOS
Dual Presssure Input Yes
Differential pressure Yes
Preprogrammed Fuels 11
User define fuels 5
Start time 60 sec.
High altitude compensation Yes
Memory Positions 160
Magnetic mount Yes
Warranty 1-Year limited
Recording/Data Logging Yes
K-type input Yes
Digital Yes
Automatic fresh air purge Yes
Number of display parameters 6 line
IR printer link Yes

CO 2000 ppm
CO2 20%
O2 21%
Flue temperature 32˚ to 1112˚F
Inlet temperature 32˚ to 112˚F
Pressure Yes

CE Conformity Yes

Manual (Eng) Yes
Manual (Spa) Yes
Manual (Frn) Yes
Quick Start Guide Yes
Pouch/Cases Yes
Flue probe Yes
Inlet tube/probe connector Yes